It’s Singapore’s 53rd Birthday!

Aug 24, 18 It’s Singapore’s 53rd Birthday!

Frontier Primary School celebrated Singapore’s 53rd birthday on 8 August 2018. This year’s theme “We Are Singapore” celebrates our people, our nation and our home. “We” emphasises the collective, where regardless of our origins and wherever we are, Singapore will always be our home.

Our National Day celebrations aim to inspire and rally Frontierers to feel proud of Singapore’s achievements and to be confident about our future. This is achieved through four key segments: pre-National Day celebrations, observance ceremony, concert and classroom activities.

The pre-National Day celebrations started a week before the actual day. Pupils were taught to sing this year’s theme song and many other favourites from previous years. A range of activities were also planned for pupils to learn and deepen their knowledge of our nation’s history and culture.

The celebration started off with Frontierers observing the formal observance ceremony where our student leaders formed the marching contingent. It was with great pride that they brought in the national flag and school flag for the singing of the National Anthem and school song, followed by the delivery of the National Day Message by our principal, Mrs Tonnine Chua.

Always ready to put in our best for Singapore!



Marching with Pride









Mrs Chua reading the National Day message 

Teachers leading pupils to read the National Day Recollections

As for the concert, there were many exciting items that were lined up such as performances by our teachers and MOE kindergarten children, a skit and a quiz. The hall celebration ended with a bang with a cake-cutting segment accompanied by the singing of “Happy Birthday” to our beloved country!

Awesome performance by Frontier teachers!

Mass Singing by pupils







Performance by our juniors in MK@Frontier 

A humorour skit



Ready for cake-cutting







Singing “Happy Birthday” for Singapore







After the hall activities, pupils were in the classrooms, discussing how they could work together for the good of the nation.

A specially customised towel was also given to pupils as a souvenir; its fibres signify many Singaporeans of diverse walks of life and talents come together to “weave” a strong Singapore.

National Day Gift for Frontierers!

Stay united as a class and a country!

Engaging in classroom activities